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Two-storey modern villa

Villa is the type of home that many people like in the present as well as before because it is beautifully designed and not backdated over time. However, the financial situation as well as the preferences, the needs that home builders will choose for the different types of villas. However, the two-storey villa is often popular, it just enough space for the family members that the price is not too high.

The beautiful 2-storey villa has modern style of architecture that is never outdated, it is suitable for modern life style, especially young people. new, it becomes a trend in design, construction and construction of works today.

The trend of beautiful two-storey villas is shown in a synchronous way through the small details of the building. Simple, basic shapes, but when combined in a harmonious way to become new, diverse. Outstanding in design, two-storey villas with straight lines and large sloping roofs in European style. The first and second floors of the villa are of equal size, taking advantage of all the space, bringing comfort in use while still ensuring the art with attractive architecture.

Two-storey villa

Two storey modern villa

Two-storey villas use two shades of bright, contemporary interiors and a well-lighted layout to enhance the modern look. Thorough use of wood and glass in construction, combined with luxury space as the modern look.

The exterior of the first floor becomes a spacious garage, suitable for two cars, convenient for travel as well as storage facilities. In addition, some flower pots and bonsai can be decorated to make the atmosphere become fresh and cool.

Invite you to join some beautiful villa samples

Two-storey style villa

Two-storey style villa

Two-storey villa

Two-storey villa level

Modern two-storey villa

Modern two-storey villa

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