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Modern style villa design

Architectural design is the most modern villa design with garden style with green scenery, luxury built on the land is the desire of many people. Properly designed and eye catching will increase the value of living space, help homeowners enjoy the most optimistic residence.

The design features of modern style villa

Designed modern villas priority use of space.

Designed modern villas priority use of space.

Designed modern villas priority use of space

With modern style, interior and exterior space are merged by the door, glass wall wide, open air terrace... New thinking also appears in the design of modern villas with strange space: skeletal, cascading, so ... with the trend of maximizing each corner of the area, expanding living space and living. Modern exterior with modern decor with simple, compact details. General living spaces are located under the first floor such as living room, kitchen, relaxing corner. Upper space for rest, training room, worship...

Modern villa design minimizes spatial divisions.

If the living room and dining room were divided into two separate rooms by the walls and doors, today in the design of modern villas are connected to create space, spacious. The design of open spaces to reduce unnecessary fixation creates a spacious, open and close visual space.

Modern villa design minimizes spatial divisions.                                Modern villa design minimizes spatial divisions.


The biggest advantage of open design is maximizing natural light for functional spaces. Because most of the walls are removed or use transparent glass doors instead, they help keep the natural light that is permeating the house, giving it a more spacious, space-like feel. The opening also helps to connect family members, creating a unified space, avoiding the spread of the area.

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