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French style villa design

French - European architecture is renowned worldwide for its unparalleled architectural beauty, with no place to match, the architectural design of French colonial architecture has always existed with time. Preserve the subtle by the elaborate motifs, complex patterns, exuding a beautiful luxury beauty beautiful. Thousands of years of French-style villa designs still hide in themselves a vivid beauty.

French architecture requires an in-depth study of the great works of France, with many years of experience as well as the sophistication of choosing the unique motifs of the villas. that world-class architecture. Here we look at these beautiful French design super.

Beautiful French villa design

French style house

French classical villa

French classical villa

French style villa

The villa was impressed at first sight due to the magnificent beauty, the French villa decorated with fine and carefully carved designs. With a very large layout has created a design that exudes luxurious beauty, helping the host to assert his position in society as well as in the family.

French style villa

French style villa

The combination of hotel business class luxury French

The perfect combination between a mansion and a combination of luxury hotel business, seems to have been a lot of attention. Inspired by a five-star hotel in the magnificent French capital, Paris has created a beautiful French villa that can "burn the heart" of anyone who admits directly.

Villa combines hotel

Villa combines hotel

New French neoclassical villa

The neoclassical villa of the ALAGREEN architect team is very delicate in every way, the window is decorated with décor lightly decorated modern and new villas. Surrounding is the nature of green trees and leaves surrounding the flower brings peace of mind.

Nostalgic castle villa

Nostalgic castle villa

Modern French Garden Villa

Choosing garden villas is a hobby of many wealthy owners, the dream home is a mere natural mansion with modern design suitable for open hostesses. Mineral, youthful especially love nature.


Villa garden

 Garden house Villa

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