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EFFORTS STRIVING PROUD is a unit of application of green interior design LEADING VIETNAM



Referring to the architectural design we mention the aesthetics, creativity, durability and feng shui. In the context of the world are faced with the risks and threats increasingly dire as climate change, sustainability of these structures are socially most interested in, and sustainable architecture,  green or ecological architecture is increasingly asserted and will be the trend of the world.

ALAGREEN provides green, sustainable architectural design services. The project is built on a sustainable location, environment in the quality of the works, the use of resources, energy efficiency, integration into the humanistic environment, modern architecture and identity. The company always designs environmentally friendly buildings and human living spaces, using energy efficiently, water and other resources, protecting the health of the users, minimize waste, pollution and degradation of the environment.

Process of artchitectural design service:

- Meet, find out specific needs. Get advice requests, answer questions and exchange information.

- Specific agreement on design costs, time limit for handing over dossiers, responsibilities of parties and contract forms.

- Signed design contract.

- Surveying, photographing, measuring the current situation (if any).

- Preliminary design.

- Continue to improve the plan based on the preliminary plan and contributions from the investor.

- If the investor approves the preliminary plan, the company will carry out the technical profile and detailed cost estimate.

- Handing over the entire dossier.

- Investors receive technical dossiers for construction and liquidation of design contracts.

The advantages of selecting ALAGREEN artchitectural design services

Coming to ALAGREEN's Artchitectural Design Services, customers will be:

- Survey, free consultation.

- With a team of architects designed professional, dedicated to ensure that will meet all the requirements of quality, aesthetics and functionality of the project.

- Pioneering in the application of new technologies, new products and new materials friendly to the environment and people.

- Ensure quality as well as design time.

- The cost of design is reasonable and there are promotions and customer support.

- The design dossier is complete and ensures no additional repair during the construction process.

If you are looking for a unit to consult and perform artchitectural design for your project. Please contact ALAGREEN for the quickest and most accurate service.


Showroom: 956 Tran  Nhan Tong Streets, Kien An Districts, Hai Phong City

Factory: Chien Thang, An Lao, Hai Phong




Hotline:0868 505 707 - 0985 38 66 97 – 0988 458 850

“ALAGREEN - Bringing sustainable value to life”






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  • Blum
  • Picomat
  • Grohe
  • Philips
  • Kono Electrics
  • TOTO
  • TEKA
  • An Cường
  • Panasonic

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Business registration certificate: 0201658825 - Issued on 07/12/2015. Issuer: Business Registration Office of Planning and Investment of Hai Phong.
Address: 956 Tran nhan Tong Streets, Kien An District, Hai Phong.
Phone:  098 538 66 97 - 0868505707 - 0988 458 850

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